Terms & Conditions

No refunds

After the client has made their initial payment, whether partial or full, for services obtained through our website, media platforms, or any other platform, Built By Nando will not provide any refunds. The client is obligated to fulfill the complete payment for the chosen service length, regardless of whether it's a one-time, recurring, or monthly payment.

License & Certifications

Built By Nando promises that it holds all license & certifications necessary to perform the work, that such license & certifications are valid and effective as of the date any work is performed or services provided, and that all work performed or services provided will be done in compliance with all applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations.

Termination of Service

The designated service period concludes on [end of service]. In the event that either party decides to terminate the service agreement prior to this designated endpoint, the following conditions will apply:

If the Client opts to conclude the service prematurely, Built By Nando will not bear responsibility for any remaining duration. The Client shall forfeit all privileges and access associated with their Trainerize app, including their recorded progress and information.

Upon the natural conclusion of the service after the full [length of their program], the Client's access to the Trainerize app, as well as any data, progress, and information, will be deactivated. This circumstance can be altered if the Client elects to renew and sustain the services.

These stipulations embody the essential aspects of our service agreement, encompassing termination and the finalization process.

Modifications of Service Date

Modification to service date will only be authorized by the owner of Built By Nando, Fernando Montes.

Modification of service date will only be allowed if client:

1. Has a severe injury that will limit the Client to perform any exercises for longer than 4 weeks.

2. Has gotten severely sick longer than 4 weeks.

These two items will only be approved by Built By Nando owner if proof is provided by an official doctor's note.

There will be no modification of service date based on emotional status (relationship break-ups, family problems, work issues, etc), family emergency, client being frustrated with themselves, minor and or temporary flu or sickness, vacations, lost their job, and everything that's not included in the above approved circumstances.

The Client and Built By Nando owner must agree to any changes to this contract in writing. Agreements can be sent via email to builtbynando@gmail.com. This email will be downloaded and attached to the client's square account file and Trainerize app account.

Restart of Service

No provisions for refunds or service date resets shall be extended for work completed or services rendered in accordance with this contract.

Photo and Video Policy

At Built By Nando, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and engaging experience for our participants. This media usage and distribution policy outlines how we handle photos and videos taken within the scope of our activities, events, and services. By participating in any of these activities, you grant Built By Nando the right to capture, retain, and use media in accordance with the guidelines below.

Media Collection and Usage:

1. Trainerize Platform:

All photos and videos captured within the Trainerize platform will be retained by Built By Nando for potential use in marketing and promotional materials. Rest assured, we prioritize your privacy and will adhere to discreet privacy guidelines.

2. Social Media:
All photos and videos tagged to our official social media pages will be retained by Built By Nando for potential use in future marketing and promotional activities. By tagging our media pages, you grant us the right to utilize these images in our promotions, and this action will be considered implicit consent for such media usage.

3. Email and Text Messages:
All photos and videos shared through email or text messages will be retained by Built By Nando. By sharing media through these channels, you grant us the right to potentially use them for promotional purposes.

4. Seminars, Clinics, and Shows:
Photos and videos captured during our seminars, clinics, shows, and similar events may be used for promotional purposes. Participation implies your understanding and acceptance of media usage.

Privacy and Respect:

Responsible Usage
All media used for marketing and promotional purposes will be selected and presented respectfully and accurately, aligning with the essence of the event or activity. We will refrain from digitally altering media in ways that misrepresent the client.

Continued Usage:

Retention of Media
We reserve the right to retain and continue using photos and videos shared through various channels, even if the team member is no longer involved with Built By Nando. This allows us to maintain the integrity of our past activities and effectively promote our services.

By engaging in events, activities, or services provided by Built By Nando, you acknowledge and agree to the media usage and distribution policy as outlined above.