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Knowledgeable, motivated and experienced certified personal trainer. Fernando has an athletic background including boxing, basketball, gymnastics and bodybuilding. Most of Fernando's personal training experience came from a 9-year military background in the United States Coast Guard as a Law Enforcement Officer and a military fitness trainer. His passion, dedication and discipline he gained through the service translates into his style of training and motivation towards his client's goals. Fernando has always had a passion for helping people and pushing others to be at their best. When detaching from the armed services, Fernando continued his career in fitness as a men’s physique bodybuilder competing in Hawaii, northern and southern California.

Fernando's strength and conditioning training mostly takes place at a 7,200 square foot facility in Oakland. He specializes in strength and conditioning, nutrition, group bootcamps, toning, fat loss, and bodybuilding coaching. The training workouts are never boring because Fernando will provide a variety of exercises to fit his client's needs - using free weights, functional movement, kettlebells, tires, resistance bands, battle ropes, BOSU, bike and rowing machine, body-weight, medicine balls, and boxing.

Whether you are interested in starting a new fitness journey or just want to pursue a higher level of fitness, Fernando’s goal is to help build and transform you towards a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Start your journey now and get Built by Nando!



Virtual Personal Training offers great benefits during this times. We are offering a services were you feel comfortable working from home and not being distracted by the outside hustle and bustle. In home virtual  training gives you that privacy for your personal comfort. Virtual personal training will keep you accountable and motivated without even leaving your home. You will work with a trainer over the phone virtually through Face-Time, Goole Hangout and any other software that can work for both. We work with any home equipment and we will also develop full customized training programs so you can continue to train hard until your next session. 

$99 *monthly

In some cases we can agree that personal training can be expensive. But we still need someone to guide us to find our ways to reaching our goals. How?  What we offered in online coaching, is nutrition and training programs. We will guide you and keep you accountable throughout your fitness journey. In this program you will have the ability to ask any questions and keep a weekly check-in. 

$199 *monthly

I believe a consistent, honest and organized coach will make a difference if you are thinking about competing in the NPC (National Physique Committee). I will be there for your 12 to 16 week contest prep which includes a whole customized and detailed workout plan, a nutrition/supplement diet plan specific to your goals, e-mails/text check-ins and accountability, posing tips and techniques. If you are interested in competing (physique, figure, bikini or bodybuilding) please contact me for coaching questions and how to get started. 


Whether you have no idea where to start or your goal is to train for a marathon, gain muscle, slim down for your wedding, improve your form, etc., I will be sure to provide a customized designed plan so you can achieve your fitness goal, whatever it may be. 

$65 *per person (3 people max)

You have all the reasons to start but you prefer to train with someone else? Perhaps your friend, family or someone completely unknown? Well, with buddy training you not only get to challenge one another, you also get to keep each other accounted for throughout your journey. It becomes fun but challenging!

In home personal training offers great benefits to include:

Privacy. If you don't feel comfortable working out at a gym and or being distracted by the outside hustle and bustle, in home training gives you that privacy. 

Accountability. You cant make it to the gym? Then let me come to you. 

Comfort. You literally only have to roll out of bed and throw on some workout clothes. They really don't even have to match!

Convenience. If you are a mom or dad who stay at home. You work full time at home. You don't want to drive to a box gym. Its just a lot more simple for us to come to you. 


Don’t know where to start? Or have no idea on what program to get into? Wellness check helps you sit down with a specialized trainer who will guide you and mentor you to ensure you know exactly where to start with your goals. During the wellness check you have the option to conduct a analysis of your body-fat percent and fitness level.

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