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Knowledgeable, motivated and experienced certified personal trainer. Fernando has an athletic background including boxing, basketball, gymnastics and bodybuilding. Most of Fernando's personal training experience came from a 9-year military background in the United States Coast Guard as a Law Enforcement Officer and a military fitness trainer. His passion, dedication and discipline he gained through the service translates into his style of training and motivation towards his client's goals. Fernando has always had a passion for helping people and pushing others to be at their best. When detaching from the armed services, Fernando continued his career in fitness as a men’s physique bodybuilder competitor and specialized in fitness, weight management, nutrition and overall transformation. 

Whether you are interested in starting a new fitness journey or just want to pursue a higher level of fitness, Fernando’s goal is to help build and transform you towards a positive and healthy lifestyle.


$299 *monthly

In some cases we can agree that personal training can be expensive. But we still need someone to guide us to find our ways to reaching our goals. How?  What we offered in online coaching, is nutrition and training programs. We will guide you and keep you accountable throughout your fitness journey. In this program you will have the ability to ask any questions and keep a weekly check-in. 

$399 *monthly

I believe a consistent, honest and organized coach will make a difference if you are thinking about competing in the NPC (National Physique Committee). I will be there for your 12 to 16 week contest prep which includes a whole customized and detailed workout plan, a nutrition/supplement diet plan specific to your goals, e-mails/text check-ins and accountability, posing tips and techniques. If you are interested in competing (physique, figure, bikini or bodybuilding) please contact me for coaching questions and how to get started. 


Need a fresh start? With our 30 day nutrition program we will custom made your nutrition to fit your lifestyle of eating. But with our recommended caloric intake and macronutrient splits. You will have a full breakdown of your meals and added a grocery list to make it easy for you to go shopping for your food items. 30 day nutrition program is easy and simple to follow. 

12 week program will provide you with 12 weeks of nutrition and training depending on your weight, hight, and age.  The program will be developed to ensure you continue to lose body fat, meaning your calories will change throughout the 12 weeks and the training will get a bit more intense as you finish your weeks. The goal is to complete the 12 weeks, post your pictures on our app and make your transformation happen!

Virtual Personal Training offers great benefits during this times. We are offering a services were you feel comfortable working from home and not being distracted by the outside hustle and bustle. In home virtual  training gives you that privacy for your personal comfort. Virtual personal training will keep you accountable and motivated without even leaving your home. You will work with a trainer over the phone virtually through Face-Time, Goole Hangout and any other software that can work for both. We work with any home equipment and we will also develop full customized training programs so you can continue to train hard until your next session. 

Whether you have no idea where to start or your goal is to train for a marathon, gain muscle, slim down for your wedding, improve your form, etc., I will be sure to provide a customized designed plan so you can achieve your fitness goal, whatever it may be. 

$65 *per person (2 people max)

You have all the reasons to start but you prefer to train with someone else? Perhaps your friend, family or someone completely unknown? Well, with buddy training you not only get to challenge one another, you also get to keep each other accounted for throughout your journey. It becomes fun but challenging!


Don’t know where to start? Or have no idea on what program to get into? Having a consultation, helps you sit down with a specialized trainer who will guide you and mentor you to ensure you know exactly where to start with your goals. During your consultation you have the option to conduct an analysis of your body-fat percent and fitness level.

Please click on the link bellow for more information regarding group classes and times.

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I'm 68 years old and have worked with trainers for many years. I always look for someone who knows what they are doing. In other words, I want someone who is careful about form, sensitive to my limits, and yet encouraging to reach new goals. Fernando is the total package and he's reliable and responsible. I recommend him without any reservation. And with him I squatted 250 lbs--seems impossible even as I write this. You won't be disappointed.

- Paul Dixon -

One of the best decisions I've ever made to take care of myself! I found Fernando when I was going through some really tough times- training with him literally got me out of bed and to feel like me again. He knows exactly how far to push you and is so encouraging at the same time. He is adaptive, flexible with scheduling, and so knowledgeable. How did I find you Fer ?! Muchísimas graxias x todo!

- Jo Chen -

I can't say enough amazing things about Fernando - he has completely transformed the way I work out and think about my body. His workouts are fast-paced, creative, and always challenging so I never get bored. If you like to be challenged, he will push you further than you ever knew possible and leave you feeling extremely sore but incredibly accomplished. Plus, he is hilarious and so kind and easy to talk to. Not only is he a great coach but an awesome friend who you can text with exercise, diet, or life related questions and he will always be there keeping you on track. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you Fernando!!

- Zoe Filippenko -

If you want to change your life and feel good please get on the team with Built by Nando! Fernando helped coach me through my first NPC bikini bodybuilding competition where I placed top 5 in my class I have definitely learned a lot about weightlifting and nutrition through his knowledge. He is an awesome trainer who will push and motivate you especially at times when you feel like giving up. You will never be bored with his workouts and he is more than just your average trainer. He is passionate about fitness/nutrition and genuinely cares for your goals and well being. Thank you Fernando for always keeping me on track and helping me be a better me!!!

- Tinah Bean -

Fernando is an awesome trainer that knows his stuff. He will challenge you, push you, and test your limits. I got stronger, faster, and built up endurance from all the trainings I had with him. He is knowledgeable about kinesiology, creative about how to use weights, machines, and equipment in order to maximize your lifts and growth, and is extremely professional. He not only talks the talk but also walks the walk so he knows how to reach anyone's fitness goals. I can't say enough positive things about him so give him a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

- William Nguyen -


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